Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My First Pogo Stick

On August 27 I wrote a blog titled "Misogyny". The topic was how miserable Apple made me when I went to use my new iPhone and discovered the screen didn't react to my nails. Women across the world have been feeling my pain.

Well, I am happy to announce that someone heard our cries. Introducing the "Pogo Stylus". The people who made the pogo have discovered a way to mimic the touch that our skin generates on the screen of an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. I've been using mine all week and am so relieved to type an SMS without hitting any and every letter besides the one I really want.

My absolute favorite thing about using the Pogo, no more disgusting finger prints all over my screen. There is nothing more embarrassing than extending my phone to share a picture with a friend only to realize my screen is covered in smudges.

The only downside... where do I keep my Pogo so that it is handy on the fly? Well Pogo does ship a clip on holster for your Pogo Stylus. However, it only fits the iPhone if you aren't using a cover. I'm constantly tossing my iPhone into my hand bag and just couldn't imagine the damage I would cause my phone if I didn't have my full cover on it. Maybe the people at Pogo will come out with a full case that has a spot to store the stylus.

To find a Pogo Stylus, just google "Pogo Stylus" and you'll find lots of retailers on the internet.

(writing from Valencia, CA today)

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