Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Clients Would Never Wear That!!

"My clients would never wear that!!". When ever I hear this statement my instant reply is, "Bull! If you really believe that, you are missing out on some serious money.".

I got my start in the nail industry in Maine. If you have never heard of Kennebunkport, Maine... let me paint a picture for you. First, George Bush Sr. has a prominent summer home there. Some of the richest business people, movie stars and musicians own summer homes there as well. The remaining locals, are an interesting breed. They're down to earth (we're talking about Maine here) but VERY conservative. My salon that I owned with my dad was just "a stones throw away" from KBP.

At a very early age, I discovered I had a natural gift for painting and art. It didn't take long before I was painting anything and everything on a nail while in school. My first job was in a hair salon in Kennebunk (not the port). I built my entire clientel by displaying my little works of art under my glass table top. Back then most of my artwork was requested for the holidays. My clients were proud to have me hand paint designs and wanted no part of quick stick ons.

Later in my career I discovered color and glitter acrylic. I even created and made my own glow in the dark acrylic. And guess what? 90% of my business was wearing it. Maybe the most conservative didn't have it on their fingers, but you better believe they had simple designs with crystal rhinestones on their toes.

My only mistake back then, was I was too detailed. I needed to book more time on my appointments in order to do my nail art. I wasn't as business minded then, as I am now. If I were back in my little Maine Salon today, I would use the amazing array of designs that stick on fast. Time is money folks. If you can add designs without adding time to your books, you've just increased your income.

The line of nail art that I have done for my company "Cina and Cinapro" has all been created so that the nail art can either go on top of polish or even inside acrylic or gel. So Stickers take on an amazing roll in a set of acrylic nails. You can do a design set of permanent acrylic nail art in less time than it takes to do a set of Pink and White french...and make MORE money!!

Have I got your attention yet? Now for any of you that think your clients won't go for it, you're not even giving them a chance with that mode of thinking. Try introducing them to something very soft and simple. Crystal Rhinestones are a given. Do a little five petal flower on their big toe and put a rhinestone in the middle. Before you know it, that nail art will have a permanent place in their service. But the first step is up to you. Unless you expose your clients to something new, they'll never know it exists.

So what's the state of the Nail Art Segment of the Nail Industry? Well, 14 years ago my clients were coming to my salon with their little girls. After mom's manicure, I would paint their little girls nails and add nail art. She is now grown up with her own disposable income and has already been exposed to nail art. It's not a stigma to her.

It's up to you. Keep thinking they'll never go for it and watch. In the coming years as nail art gets increasingly popular...your clients will be going to the competition for it... and you'll be losing money!

(writing from Valencia, CA today)

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