Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Real Deal about Nail Strengtheners and Hardeners

From time to time I'm going to take my blog down to the Client level. I would love to know that a nail client is using this Blog as a tool to learn what is good or bad, just as much as the techs.

What makes a strong nail? Is it thickness? Is it firmness?

The Reality of most Nail Strengtheners and Hardeners is, they do nothing to change the thickness of your nail. Truthfully, the only way to do this is by ingesting healthy food, taking vitamins and drinking lots of water.

So why do you notice nearly instant results? Well, the formaldehyde (and usually there is a high concentration of this to get the results) and Toluene basically suck the moisture out of your nails and leave them dry and ridged. This fools you into thinking, "My nails are stronger and thicker!". However, there is a very frightening side of this practice that you really need to know about. Both formaldehyde and toluene can cause adverse reactions. You can suddenly become allergic due to exposure to the high concentration that is found in most strengtheners and hardeners. Once you're allergic, you'll likely never be able to wear polish again because you'll be allergic to the TINY amount of formaldehyde that is used to preserve polish. Another end result of the over exposure to these chemicals, your nail (or nail plate) can actually release from the nail bed eventually falling off.

That is why most companies sell their Strengtheners and Hardeners in three level systems. They don't want you to stick with the formula high in chemical for fear of the reaction. Only problem is, most customers don't want to switch to the maintenance formula. They feel, "it's working, why should I switch?".

It is because of all these scary reasons that responsible companies, like Cuccio Natural, have changed to 'Strength in Flexibility'. By taking out the chemicals (formaldehyde and toluene) and replacing them with Horse Tail Grass extract , we are now able to stop nails from dehydrating. Think of it this way, when your nail is dry and rigid it is also brittle. One good hit and you're going to lose that beautiful free-edge you've been working so hard to grow. Forte with Horse Tail Grass locks the moisture in the nail creating a strong yet flexible free-edge. Now, when you hit your nail, it will bend and flex back. The greatest bit is, no adverse reactions to harmful chemicals due to long term use.

So the next time you are shopping for a really good nail strengthener, check the ingredients. If it contains Formaldehyde and/or Toluene, save your nails and just don't go there.

If you are interested in more information about Cuccio Naturale's Forte or any other Cuccio Products just goto the website www.cuccio.com or call the toll free number 1.800.782.7624. Customer Service can provide you all the necessary information to get Cuccio Products.

(writing from Valencia, CA today)

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