Monday, October 6, 2008

Color Acrylic Step by Step

I decided to take a break from the Nation's failing economy and just do a fun techie topic. This is one nail from a set of nails I did for a brochure in Sally's. The brochure is for the ASP Pigment Mixing Kit.

Before you get to step a) be sure and prep nails just like you are doing a normal full set of acrylics.

a) I'm a die hard sculptor. You can get an extra layer of acrylic design onto a nail if you do not have the thickness from a tip. Here I applied a thin yellow free edge.

b) Using an orange I mixed up, I basically started layering balls. When you place the ball you lightly brush down the nail and press the ball out. It leaves what looks like a petal to a flower.

c) Here I did three in a diagonal straight line across the nail from side to side.

d) My second row over laps the first row.

e) Is the completed first row. After I finished the row I used a little bit of glitter acrylic over the yellow free edge to give it some dimension.

f) Is the finished nail.

You should be able to go into any Sally's and ask for the ASP section. The brochure is pretty big and shows the completed full set. I did a rainbow effect across the nails so their color variation is really cool.

(writing from Valencia, CA today)

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