Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh Sorry, That Is My Mess You Stepped In!!

I totally hate myself for today's blog but I just can't help it.

I'm starting to poll my fellow Nail Techs at the mailing list "nailtech". They are a great source of information spread out across North America and some other countries. I started with Nailtech years ago (I think 13 or so) when it had first started. It's grown into an amazing community of well informed, educated techs helping anyone new to the industry (as well as each other).

Anyway it was a response that I got from Nicole Cormier in Winnipeg Canada that got me thinking about the issues American's are faced with our boo boo'd economy. Nicole is located near the border of the United States. So even though she is not IN the US, what's going on here has an impact on her business and how she conducts her business.

When I emailed her back to thank her for taking the time to reply I felt compelled to apologize for the effect my country's leaders AND American's (yes we do need to take some responsibility for our actions) have had on Nicole.

Since I highly doubt the politician's of America are reading my blog, I'd like to address my fellow Americans. In my travels I've gone to some amazing countries. One country I traveled to (a few years ago) was Surinam in South America. It is a tiny country on the north east coast. This country used to be owned and governed by the Dutch. About 20 short years ago they seceded and became their own independant country. Economically speaking, this took a huge toll on the people of Surinam. I was shocked to learn that very few people there can get credit. So, anyone that owns a home, car or business basically paid cash for it. I was so shocked by this. Being raised in a country where credit is given out like sweet treats from Willy Wonka's Factory, I couldn't believe people could accomplish, what seemed the impossible feat of purchasing a home without credit.

Another eye opener was Venezuela. Also in South America. Most residents there can not even get enough credit to own a Mobile phone. If they do have a mobile, they must purchase prepaid minutes. Their version of a "phone booth" was a hoot. Basically, a person that owns a landline phone would toss the wire out the window of their home or place of business, set up a table and umbrella and charge passerby's to use their phone!!!

Where am I going with all of this? As American's we are learning a hard lesson. Too much credit and not enough income = a financial mess. THAT is what has gotten our top financial institutions in the mess they're in.

Learning how to reduce your credit bills should be American's first plan of attack. Our second is pushing our leaders to protect us and the next generation from this financial mess.

(writing from Valencia, CA today)

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