Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Ex List

About two months ago I was contacted by an actress with concerns about her nails. I thought it would make a fun topic for my blog today. Her name is Anne Bedian. She plays the psychic on "The Ex List" one of CBS's new series on the Fall Line up.

I was tickled to hear that a series is putting so much of a focus on her character's nails. The problem is, the poor girl is having so many sets of nails put on and taken off that it is starting to have an effect on her nail beds.

I decided to share the solution with my blog readers. It's great information if you ever want to get into doing photo shoots or working on sets. Basically, Anne's character has artsy nails. So she was telling me she has to go in and have them done before they shoot an episode. If I remember correctly the tech is using a Fiberglass system. She then applies all of Anne's nail art to the set of nails. Anne then travels to the set and shoots the episode. After the shoot she takes them off.

What I suggested is we size up Anne and get her into a full coverage tip. She could then get her tech the information for all ten nails and carry the tips. Right before an episode is shot Anne could then pick up the set of nails and take them to the set. Instead of using nail glue to keep them on for the episode, I suggested "toupee and wig tape". I have to credit my friend Tom Bachik for this one. He shared this idea with me for some of the shoots I work on.

I haven't had a chance to see Anne in action. I've had my TiVo set to record her episodes just so I can see what designs they are doing on her nails.

My next few blogs will be coming from South Africa. My flight takes off early Friday morning. I'm not so sure I'll have an internet connection while there. However, I'll be sure and blog my experience and upload the blogs when I get back. Hopefully, I'll be all set with the internet.

(writing from Valencia, CA today)

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