Monday, September 8, 2008

Do You Test on Animals?

It's one of the questions that I am asked every once in a while. My favorite answer is, "Oh no we test on Elaine.". psst that is me. Our labs know what chemicals are safe and what chemicals are not safe. There is no question or experimentation in order for us to make our products. So if this is a concern for you, rest assured, we do not test on Animals. However, an occasional call worrying about me is ok too. haha

I do want to give you an idea of just how complicated our Quality Control is. First, our chemist creates what is known as a lab sample. That lab sample is brought to me to undergo testing. Viscosity, color, clarity, and performance all come into consideration. If any one of these is off the product is rejected and the chemist is back to the drawing board. Once I've approved our lab sample, it is on to production. I then receive what is known as the production sample. This sample represents what will be arriving to our warehouse. My job on the production sample, is to make sure the it matches the lab sample. Once it passes it is on to filling.

Our company and I take Quality Control very seriously. Because we batch code our products, we can pin point any possible issues that could arise after shipment.

So the next time you are opening a jar of Star Nail, Cuccio, All Season or Cina products, rest assured, no animals were harmed in the creation and your products have been checked and rechecked for quality.

(writing from Valencia, Ca today)

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Sree at NAILS said...

That's really interesting. I'm always wondering about the backstory of product development--what goes on before it hits the shelves or the salon.

Sree Roy
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