Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Nails Are Ruined!!!!

Every time I meet someone new, and they find out I am a licensed nail technician, the conversation turns into a diagnosis of their nails and suggestion of treatment. But, the one thing I hear the MOST is, "I had (insert Acrylics or Gels) nails and they ruined my nails!"

So I decided to talk to the end user today, the client. I am going to clear up some myths and give you the facts.

First, all of the products our company manufactures must comply, not only with United States Standards but also those of the countries we mean to ship to. Europe has the strictest guidelines with regards to chemicals of any nation. Given that bit of information, YOU (the client), can rest assured that we do not have chemicals in our products that could melt, dissolve or thin out your nail plate. The best way to prove this to anyone is to take a good size nail clipping, place it in a jar, fill the jar with Monomer (or gel), put a cover on it, and leave it soaking for days. The nail will never dissolve.

What does this mean to you? If it isn't the chemicals hurting your nails, than you are left with two options. 1) You were really rough on your nails and broke them off OR bit them off or 2) you nail technician did way too much prep filing to your natural nail. Techs need to take responsibility for that. They also need to be responsible when it comes to removing the Acrylic or Gel from the nails. Tools like nippers that cut the plastic and yank on the nails will do a lot of damage to the nail.

Next, "my nails need to breath!". In my last anatomy class, I'm pretty sure that the nail plate didn't have a set of tiny little lungs. The structure of your nail will not change. It is made out of dead cells. So thinking that a week out of your set of nails will change the structure of your natural nails is just foolish. Only the new growth will be affected. It will grow out without any filing done to it.

Oh and that thin flexible nail you are left with when you take off that set of nails...again...not thinner. What's happened is: the moisture that usually comes up from your nail bed, through your nail plate and evaporates got trapped under your enhancement. When you remove it, the first 30 minutes following, your nails are super moist and flexible. Unfortunately, that moisture evaporates after that 30 minutes and leaves behind a really dry, brittle nail. That is why cuticle oil or nail treatments are so important. Think of your nails like a kitchen sponge. When it is moist it is very soft and flexible. Once it dries out it becomes very ridged and brittle.

It is very important to know the facts about getting enhancements, maintaining enhancements and finding the right nail technician who will care for your nails.

(writing from Valencia, CA today)


kendy said...

I'm a really big fan of skincare and all that good stuff that we girls love!

Athena Elliott, MNT said...

I'm with you here. If I had a nickle for every time I have to say " nail products are designed to be put on the natural nails or "it is the technique not the product that has temporarily damaged your natural nails"..I would be set! Years ago, I had about a 3 month period where my product lifted. I became so concerned about causing my clients damage..that I was not doing the correct and effective prep application! After a serious evaluation by an industry expert I was back to producing beautiful enhancements with out lifting or file damage. Now...the only techs I know that use nippers to crack the acrylic off are techs who lack the correct techniques. :)