Monday, September 15, 2008

Rhode Island Beauty Show

Another successful RG Shakour show has come to a close. Tony and I have been in Rhode Island giving our many seminars. Coming to the Northeast is always a home coming for me. RG Shakour is where I taught most of my Star Nail Classes.

Without a doubt, they have the best team and it's aways fun to see them.

Yesterday Tony and I conducted our all day seminar. Today was the show, more classes and an industry leaders round table. I was so impressed with my Northeasters. They came to the classes in droves and they asked great questions of us at the round table. These were motivated techs looking to expand their services and increase their income.

I only wish the techs were so hungry for information all over the United States.

I'll apologize now for such a short blog. I do have a nice list of topics for my next few and will get right on that this week. It's been a long weekend and I am looking forward to a nice relaxing evening with my family (Mom, sister Janis and neice Marissa) whom drove all the way down from Maine to see me.

(writing from Providence, Rhode Island today)

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