Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Would You Know If You Are Out of Date?

Remember when computers first came out? My first was a Commodore 64. I remember typing lines of code for hours just so I could hit one button and see words scroll down the screen. Computers have come a long way since the Commodore 64. Imagine how out of date a programmer would be in this day and age if he was still using that Commodore 64.

It is the same in the Nail Industry. If you aren't active in continuing education, you 'are' a Commodore 64.

I've met a lot of technicians in my day. I'm still shocked when I meet one that is still using the same nail system that they used in Nail School 20 years ago. Honestly, it is because of techs like them, that we (Star Nail International) still manufacture our original acrylic system (one of many systems we carry, but definitely the oldest). We haven't even changed the chemistry (in this system) in 20 years! What are you people thinking?

"If it isn't broke don't fix it.", is what I always heard growing up. But that doesn't mean, "if it is old and still works don't upgrade it." !!! Technology has changed in the Nail Industry. Tools of our trade have been perfected. Chemical compositions have changed creating more light weight, yet stronger artificial nails with tighter bonds. Even the techniques we learned in school have become somewhat obsolete.

If you do not attend beauty shows or product classes, I highly recommend it. There is so much information to be learned that will save you time and make you more money. Not to mention, taking your nail style from Granny to Great! Just like clothing can be outdated so can artificial and natural nail style.

(writing from Valencia, CA today)

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