Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Raising the Perception of Your Spa or Services

So, I'm going to give you a quick and easy way to raise the perception of your Spa and/or Services. Sanitation is a big deal right now in our industry. Clients have grown smarter (almost over night) when it comes to sanitation.

It started with a Salon in Watsonville, California and their Spa Chairs for Pedicures. Unfortunately, they were not cleaning the jets properly and started spreading a skin form of tuberculosis to their clients. Basically, their legs and feet looked as if they had horrible bug bites. The worst thing about it was it took over a year to clear up.

Then, Paula Abdul got a botched manicure and sported a HUGE bandage while judging on American Idol.

This is where I have one (of many suggestions) to help your clients have a higher perception of your Spa and Services. Natural Nail Client Guard from Star Nail International. It's basically a Sterile bag (commonly used for metal impliments to go into an autoclave) with your disposible impliments (file, wood stick, scrub brush and fizz ball to soak in). Just opening that bag in front of your client at the start of your services will give your client peace of mind. She will know that you are not reusing these impliments from client to client. When your service is over, you give her the impliments to take home or throw away.

Let's break it down financially. You are already required to purchase all these items to do your service. That comes out of your pocket. Now, with Natural Nail Client Guard, for little over a dollar (your cost) you can either a) work it into the price of your service and therefore costs you nothing or b) mark the cost up a little and sell it to your client. Now you are saving money on items you would otherwise need to purchase.

Back to those pouches for autoclaves. Right now, only Texas is required to use the Autoclave. But you can still use the pouches to raise your perception. If you see ten clients in a day, keep ten pushers and ten nippers. At the end of the day, wash your impliments in soap in water, soak them in your hospital grade disinfectant for no less than ten minutes (rinse them), dry them all off and then individually bag and seal each set. Tomorrow when your clients arrive, you are pulling out a fresh santized set of impliments and opening the bag in front of your clients. Did you know that hospital grade disinfectant is corrosive to the skin? If you are taking your impliments right out of your solution and using them on your client you could be causing more harm than good. You must rinse the solution off the impliments before using them. By waiting until the end of the day to do this all at once, you're also saving time. And we all know, "time is money".

(writing from Valencia, CA today)

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