Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Stop At the Nails?

Everyone cheer! My Cina Catalog is one more peek away from officially DONE and off to the printer. It has been such an undertaking!!!

One of my favorite images (of many) from the catalog, is a set of natural nails I did. I polished the nails a deep, dark purple. Almost black. Next, I accented the polish with a few crystal rhinestones in various sizes. Then, I finished off the look by using my Daisy Rhinestone Decals on the skin instead of on the nails. Here is the actual image.

We are in an age where art is so popular. Shows like L.A. Ink have inspired some of the least likely customers to get body art. So why stop at the nails? If you have a client going to a special function, throw some decals on her hand, fingers or even on her face. The adhesive on today's decals is unbelievable. They will definitely make it through an evening.

The trick is to take a Q-tip and clean the spot with Alcohol. So if you're doing decals on the face, wait until the face is made up. Then take that Q-tip and clean the make-up off that spot with Alcohol and stick your decal. The Alcohol removes the oils on the surface of the skin and makes the decal stay on longer. For things like the rhinestones, you can purchase skin adhesive. It's the same kind of stuff that you use to glue on your eyelashes. Some Indian stores sell this adhesives as well to adhere the bindi (oh I hope I have this term right), the stone on their forehead.

Have fun with it. Make sure you charge appropriately for your service. Time is money!

(writing from Valencia, CA today)

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