Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Network to Fill Your Appointment Book

My Mom, Sister and I have all joined the craze that is "Facebook". My husband and I got a puppy and we all figured it was the best way for us to share pictures from the West Coast to all our family and friends on the East Coast. I had NO idea WHAT I was getting into. Next thing I know, I have friends coming out of the woodwork. People I haven't even seen since High School. I'm getting flair, egg pets and invites to do compatibility tests! No one had warned me about the way Facebook works.

Here's what it is and why I've chosen it for my blog topic. When you create your Facebook account, it asks you questions about where you went to school and where you've lived. It then takes that information and pulls the names of people that have lived near you OR attended your same schools. THEN, like that isn't enough, it'll look at your approved friends and suggest people on their list that 'you might know'. I have to admit, I am a bit overwelmed. My memory isn't what it used to be and trying to recall how I know some of these people can be down right embarrassing.

Here's where sites like Facebook and MySpace can help you out. When I first moved to California I used MySpace to do networking. Elaine's MySpace (it hasn't been updated in forever so please do not hold it against me) I actually met a few photographers and got to do nails on their shoots. Instead of creating a personal type profile, I built a professional profile. You (as a tech, booth renter, salon owner or distributor) can create profiles on either of these sites and utilize their software to get customers to your business. Once you have created the accounts, advertise them. When you advertise, put the address to your MySpace or Facebook on all your ads. If you have a Website address for your business, create a link from the website.

It's fun and it's free!!!!

(writing from Valencia, CA today)

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